CL apartment

Interiors design in Altamura.

Year: 2017
Area: 85 mq
Photography: Marcello Altamura
The most interesting theme that comes out of the design of this apartment was to get as much
storage space as possible, in relation to the small overall size of it. To achieve this, we worked on
the minimum retails of space, preparing a custom design that completes the right part of the living,
made of light oak panels. It dialogues with the rest of the environment, characterized by the warm
materiality given by the different wood species. So, the overall aesthetic imprint is cozy and comfortable
but blunt, with distinctly contemporary lines, enriched by a reduced but carefully selected
number of pieces of European design. A single color has been chosen to break and accompany
this palette of soft colors: a royalblue that we chance upon in the padding of the chairs, in the fabric
of the sofa and inside the handles of the wall armoire.