House of Fairytales, Odense

Project for the Hans Christian Andersen HOUSE OF FAIRYTALES.

At the threshold of fairytale. A story that lighs up reality.

The fairytale of Christian Andersen it’s fantasized life and the fabulist is the one who brings to light all the stories in the world.
But not only.
In all his work Andersen does not just tell what other people live, but lives his stories.
Sublimates his desires and hopes in the magic of the fairytale.
Turn the gray areas in the new spaces of light, where every man can become the protagonist of a new destiny.
For this reason, its light is at the same time hiding and revealing.
Distributes exactly clarities and here comes the fairytale.
There was once a gray duckling who turned into a white swan.
The reality is not always easy to tell.
But Andersen’s eye illuminates the bottom of our hearts.
He understands because he has already seen and experienced.
He does not write with his eyes closed, he does not dream.
He tells, fantasizes with the eyes wide open.
The ordinary girl who is actually a princess, the woman-siren, the duckling-swan, bring to light the ambivalences, fencing human spaces and defining what are and are not in accordance with new meanings.
All those stories, all those people want to meet, demonstrate, discover, grow, live. So full of instances are the eyes of Andersen.
Everything he thinks he writes, everything is taken away from him, he picks it up with the power of his pen, everything he cannot be he becomes within the space-time of the story, where every destiny is made to shine with light and umanity.